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Production process of PE pipe equipment

Release time:2022-03-01 11:21

QINGDAO TRUSTY PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a professional plastic pipe machine manufacturer.Our company's main products are PVC pipe machine,PP pipe machine,PE pipe machine.

PE pipe machine

Raw material: PE + other chemical additives

Application for: Gas pipe, water supply pipe, etc.

PE Pipe Diameter: 16mm-1200mm.

QINGDAO TRUSTY's pipe equipment features:

1. Using low energy consumption, high efficiency single screw extruder.

2. The operation is convenient and practical.

3. High degree of automation, stable and reliable production

4. Adopt all stainless steel vacuum sizing water tank to ensure the durability of the equipment

5. Molds can be customized according to the actual situation of customers

Production process of PE pipe equipment:

Feeder system--single Screw Extruder--Mould--Vacuum Tank -- Water Cooling Tank--Laser Printer--Hauling off Machine--Cutting Machine--Stacker

Components of PE pipe equipment production line:

1Feeder systemOne set
2Single Screw ExtruderOne set
3MouldOne set
4Vacuum Tank  One set
5Water Cooling TankOne set
6Laser PrinterOne set
7Hauling off MachineOne set
8Cutting MachineOne set
9Stacker(winder)One set

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