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The reason of plastic pipe deformation in production

Release time:2022-09-23 10:00

The modern plastic pipe industry mainly uses extruders for extrusion molding production. Plastic pipes are usually round. Different uses have certain requirements for the roundness of pipes. We use the extruder production line to produce plastic pipes. The cross-section deformation trend is to a certain extent, but if the deformation of the deformed pipe is too large, it will affect the quality of the final product, indicating that our production line fails to carry out proper and standardized rounding treatment.

Qingdao Trusty Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has prepared some information about normal pipe deformation for you, as follows:

1. The problem of elliptical deformation of the pipe section

The elliptical deformation of the plastic pipe indicates that the amount of deformation is very large. Generally, the degree of elliptical deformation can be determined by the degree of ellipticity. Under normal circumstances, we will analyze the causes of this problem. The larger the bending angle, the smaller the bending radius, the larger the diameter, the thinner the tube wall, and the greater the ovality generated during bending. Our company's technicians recommend that the bending radius of the pipe be more than 4 times the nominal diameter of the bending radius of the cold-formed elbow and more than 3.5 times the hot-formed elbow.

2. pipe wall deformation problem

The deformation of the pipe wall is very serious. The deformation of the pipe wall will cause the wall thickness of the pipe to fail to meet the production requirements of the pipe, which will not only affect the external surface quality and appearance of plastic products but also fail to meet the actual physical pressure bearing capacity of the pipe due to the thinning of the pipe wall. If this unqualified pipe is used, it may break in the process of use or reduce the service life. Simply put, the deformation of the tube wall is that the outer tube wall is elongated and thinned. The farther away from the neutral layer, the more the tube wall is elongated, so the thinner it is; The inner tube wall is shortened and thickened. We can usually solve the problem by reducing the pipe traction speed or increasing the speed of the main extruder.

3. The problem of wrinkle and deformation of the inner wall of the pipe

For example, when using an extruder to produce a PPR pipe with a thin pipe wall, the inner pipe wall of the pipe will wrinkle and deform when receiving deformation pressure, because the structural strength of the pipe wall is not stable enough. Therefore, the thinner the pipe wall of the pipe we produce, the worse the structural stability of the pipe, and the easier it will be to cause wrinkles and deformation.

The above is the relevant materials for pipe production prepared by our company for you. We hope to provide you with some help. If you have more needs, you are welcome to call us for details or come to the factory to inspect the extruder and related production equipment. We will provide you with professional plastic extruder procurement suggestions and equipment technical guidance.