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Analysis of failure to increase productivity of twin-screw extruder after increasing rotational speed

Release time:2022-10-14 15:00

Anyone who has used a plastic extruder, or plastic production equipment, knows that the production capacity of the extruder and the speed of the extruder host can be regarded as a proportional relationship, so in order to obtain more qualified plastic products per unit of time, we generally improve the speed of the main extruder, namely the screw, on the premise of ensuring the quality of plastic products. If the productivity increase is not ideal after the extruder speed is increased, it is a production anomaly that needs to be solved in time.

First of all, we need to explain that in order to ensure the stability of the extruded melt, the twin-screw extruder will generally install a forced feeding device. The feeding speed of this feeding device is linked with the speed of the extruder screw. If the on-site operator increases the screw speed of the twin-screw extruder, the feeding control device can automatically track and synchronously adjust the feeding speed of the feeder to ensure the balance between the feeding amount and the twin-screw extrusion amount.

Then, there are two reasons why the productivity of the plastic extruder has not been improved: 1. The materials in the barrel of the extruder are blocked and cannot be extruded normally and quickly; 2. The feeding speed of the extruder decreases or does not eat. The specific analysis of the reasons is very simple. The reasons for this situation generally include the following five points:

1. The temperature of each section of the twin-screw extruder is improperly controlled, the barrel temperature is too low, and the material cannot be completely plasticized, which is difficult to extrude;

2. Insufficient cooling in the vicinity of the barrel during charging causes the temperature nearby during charging to be too high, resulting in material adhesion and blocking of the blanking port;

3. The structural design of the twin-screw is unreasonable, there are too many meshing blocks and too many resistance elements, which makes the resistance of material moving forward too large;

4. The head flow channel and screen changer device of the twin-screw extruder equipment are blocked;

5. The material used by the extruder is not pure, mixed with some impurities that cannot be melted.

Finally, in order to solve this abnormal phenomenon, the on-site personnel need to check the equipment one by one and solve it. First, we need to check the temperature of the extruder barrel and appropriately increase the barrel temperature or reduce the temperature of the cooling water ring at the feeding port. If this does not solve the problem, we need to check the head flow channel or replace the filter screen at this time. It still cannot be solved by the above means, at this time, it is necessary to contact the extruder equipment manufacturer to reform or replace the screw structure.

The above is the analysis of some problems about the failure to improve the production capacity of the twin-screw extruder after the speed increase prepared by Qingdao humans Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. for you. If you need more information, you are welcome to call for details or come to the factory for an on-site investigation. We will provide you with professional technical guidance and equipment procurement suggestions for the extruder production line.