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Process and Equipment Characteristics of Plastic Sheet Production Equipment

Release time:2022-07-05 09:43

Generally speaking, plastic sheet production equipment includes the following parts: plastic extruder, T-die Mould, three roller calender, cooling bracket, rubber roller haul off machine, transverse cutter, stacker, etc.

Commonly used raw materials are: PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PS

The production process is as follows:

1. After the power is turned on, the extruder screw and barrel are heated, the T-die is heated, and the heating temperature reaches the temperature required by the material.

2. Three roller calender three roller spacing adjustment: Reasonable adjustment of the opening and closing stroke can improve the effect of product demoulding and feeding.

Features of plastic sheet production equipment:

1. High degree of automation, convenient operation, continuous production, stable and reliable.

2. The three roller calender of plastic sheet production equipment has free lifting mode.

3. There is an independent three roller temperature control system on the production line, which can accurately control the roller temperature and make the thickness of the sheet uniform.

4. The thickness control of plastic sheet production equipment adopts spiral adjustment and two-way adjustment of pressing wheel to control the thickness of sheet.