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Main Features of Plastic Sheet Production Line

Release time:2022-07-12 09:06

PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PS, PMMA, and PC plastic sheet/board production lines can continuously produce single-layer and multi-layer sheet (board) products.

The width of the board (sheet) product is less than 3000mm, the thickness of the sheet is 0.25-2mm, and the thickness of the board is 2-30mm.

Products are widely used in refrigerators, air conditioning, advertising, construction, environmental protection and chemical industry, sanitary ware, and other fields.

1. Extruder: According to different materials, single-screw, parallel twin-screw, and conical twin-screw extruders are selected. The screw design has a particular mixing function and high plasticizing ability to ensure good plasticization and stable high-quality extrusion.

2. Screen changer and mold: Hydraulic quick change ensures that the screen change does not leak material and is fast and effective. The mold can choose different structural forms according to different materials.

The traditional hanger-type die head is mostly used with a special double-throttle system design, which makes the thickness adjustment of the sheet more comprehensive and accurate. Optional hydraulic one-way screen changer, two-way screen changer; and non-stop double-channel screen changer. It can also be equipped with a metering pump to ensure stable extrusion of materials.

3. Three-roller calendar: According to the thickness of the board (sheet), it adopts horizontal type, vertical type, or 45-degree inclined type, and can be lifted by hydraulic and mechanical methods. It is convenient to adjust the gap to ensure uniform thickness and calendering effect. 

4. Cooling roller bracket: Equipped with a corresponding cooling guide roller, the cooling system effect is better. It is equipped with an edge-cutting device to ensure the width of the board (sheet).

5. Transverse cutter: fixed-length cutting, using carbide saw blade, cutting and board (sheet) synchronous.

6. Winder: the sheet with a thickness of 3 mm or less is wound by friction. A high torque motor can adjust speed and tension at will.