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Detailed Explanation of the Feeding System of Plastic Sheet Production Equipment

Release time:2022-07-20 09:29

When plastic sheet production equipment is produced, there are three common barrel feeding methods:

1. The raw material falls into the barrel by its own weight, that is, the hopper type feeding;

2. By forced feeding;

3. Vibratory feeding;

In the following article, we will analyze and explain these feeding methods in detail. Let’s learn about them together.

Hopper feeding: the hopper is welded by an aluminum plate or stainless steel plate. The hopper feeding depends on the quality of granular raw materials themselves falling into the barrel. This feeding method is widely used in small extruders because the hopper structure can be simple, the cost is low, and there is no need for maintenance. 

The disadvantage is that this feeding method avoids the phenomenon of raw material "bridging", which interrupts the feeding and affects the regular operation of the extruder.

Forced feeding system: the mixing and pressing screw is driven by a motor. There is a spring on the screw structure so that a certain pressure is applied to the screw to ensure the quality. When the screw rotates, the raw material is pressed into the barrel. When the barrel is full, the back pressure of the pressed raw material will jack up the screw and stop the machine from feeding. When there is no material in the barrel, the spiral is pressed down by the working pressure of the spring and continues to feed the barrel through rotation.

This screw feeding ensures uninterrupted feeding of the barrel and avoids the phenomenon of "crossing the bridge" of the raw materials in the hopper. and ensure continuous extrusion production of the extruder.

Vibration feeding system: The vibrating feeding device is also relatively simple, add an electromagnetic vibrator to the hopper. When the extrusion production requires the hopper to supply materials, start the vibrator to make the hopper structure vibrate, so that the raw materials in the hopper overcome the friction with the hopper wall and between materials, slide down in the jitter relying on the self-weight of the materials and enter the barrel mouth. 

The vibrating feeding system device is suitable for granular and powdery materials. Its structure is simple, and the raw materials generally do not bridge when entering the hopper.

As for the feeding methods of plastic sheet production equipment, this paper gives several feeding methods and explains these feeding methods in detail. In future use, you can choose a feeding method suitable for the safe production of your own equipment through the content of this article, so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment.