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What is the axial force of plastic sheet production equipment?

Release time:2022-08-16 13:10

How much axial force does the screw of plastic sheet production equipment produce when extruding material? Many people are not particularly aware of this problem. The axial force generated by the equipment is an important force driving the operation of the equipment. What is the axial force? The following article will explain it in detail.

Plastic sheet production equipment for production and screw rotation in the barrel, in extrusion, push and press the plasticized melt when the working environment pressure, the melt is forced extrusion technology molding process before the mold mouth of the back pressure. This counter pressure acts on the threaded thrust surfaces of the different screws, that is the axial force generated by the operation of the screw.

The calculation of the axial force produced by the screw is complicated: it has a relationship with the melt flow rate of the extruded material, the external temperature of the barrel, the resistance of the molding die, and the rotational speed of the screw, and so on. According to social experience, the axial force produced by a screw with a diameter of 65mm when extruding materials is in the range of 10-15T.

Plastic sheet production equipment screw rotation, extrusion push, produce a series of forces, this axial force is important cause analysis and specific changes, We have given a detailed explanation in this paper, Everyone can understand and learn in general, which is helpful for everyone to learn about the company's products.