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What is the difference between single screw and twin screw of plastic sheet production equipment?

Release time:2022-08-26 10:42

The use of plastic sheet production equipment is welcomed by many people, but do you know the difference between the use of single screw and twin screw equipment? What is the effect of using two different extruders on the finished product? You may not understand this question, so follow the explanation below.

When the twin screw extruder of plastic sheet production equipment works, the melt will produce very large pressure (die pressure) on the screw head. The pressure and size are usually about 14MPA, and sometimes can be as high as 30MPA. This pressure forms a strong axial thrust between the screws.

Features of double screw production:

1. according to the relative important position of the two axes, parallel and conical structure.

2. According to the meshing process of the two screws, can be divided into meshing type and non-meshing type.

3. according to the rotation direction of the two different screws, there is the same direction and different direction, and there is one inward and outward in the different direction

4. according to the screw speed, high speed, and low speed.

5. According to the structure of screw and barrel, there is a whole and combination.

Single screw extrusion is generally divided into three sections according to the effective length, the size of the screw diameter, pitch, and screw depth to determine the effective length of three sections, which generally accounted for one-third of the segment.

Single screw extrusion technology material characteristics:

1. the material conveying system mainly depends on friction, so the feeding performance of single screw extrusion is limited, powder, paste, glass and fiber, and inorganic filler are more difficult to pass.

2. exhaust extruded material in the exhaust area of the surface of the update effect is small, so the single screw extrusion and exhaust control effect are relatively poor.

3. Not suitable for some processes, such as polymer coloring, thermosetting powder processing, etc.

4. when the extruder head pressure is high, the countercurrent increases, so that the single screw extrusion productivity can be reduced.

The difference between the use of single screw and twin screw, we can clearly understand through the content of the article, we can see that this kind of twin screw plastic sheet equipment is relatively good in use, so everyone must be considered comprehensively according to the applicability and advantages of the equipment before buying.