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Common anomalies and solutions of Plastic Water - cooled strip granulation production line

Release time:2022-09-06 09:53

Now there are many production methods of plastic granulation, among which the extruder water-cooled strip granulation production line is a more common production method. As a senior enterprise producing extruders and related equipment, Qingdao Trusty Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has prepared some materials for you, so that you can quickly judge simple abnormalities and Countermeasures in case of abnormal granulation when using the extruder water-cooled strip granulation line, so as to quickly restore normal production and reduce losses.

Common anomalies and solutions are as follows:

1. The pellets produced by the stretching and granulation line of the extruder are too fine or too coarse. This situation is best solved. Generally, the production speed of the plastic extruder supporting the production line does not match the granulation speed of the granulation. Therefore, on the premise that the production capacity is required, the speed of the pelletizer can be reduced or increased.

2. The length of the pellets varies. The rotation speed of the pelletizer is generally constant, so the unstable feeding of the feeding strip is given priority, and the position of the feeding strip needs to be limited to prevent it from swinging left and right.

3. The cutting section of granulation material is uneven. You can adjust the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife to ensure uniformity.

4. The particles are flat. There are generally two reasons for this situation in the production process of extruder granulation production line, and the abnormality can be solved from two aspects: first, check the temperature of cold water, and judge whether it is because of poor water cooling effect that the strip material is too soft before entering the granulation. If the water cooling effect is no problem, then you can adjust the air pressure or spring pressure of the pelletizer to reduce the pressure of the pressure roller.

5. The pellets are abnormal such as sticky material and continuous cutting. If the material temperature is too high, we can strengthen the cooling effect of the production line to solve the problem.

6. Often broken strips. The rotating speed of the pelletizer may be too fast, which can be solved by adjusting the rotating speed first. If it cannot be solved, poor plasticization of materials or too many impurities of materials can be considered. If it still can't be solved, we can only contact relevant professionals to analyze whether the screw of the extruder is suitable for the material, and replace the screw or purchase new equipment to solve the problem.

The plastic extruder drawstring granulation production line can be used for granulation of masterbatch, PE/PP+CaC03 material or recycling granulation of LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, pet, and other raw materials. If you have relevant needs, you are welcome to call us for details or visit the factory on-site. We will provide you with professional technical guidance and equipment procurement suggestions.