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The choice of extruder and materials used for PP flat filament production

Release time:2022-11-11 17:30

PP flat filament Is a more common plastic product, Is used by extruder production lines for extrusion molding.

1. Selection of raw materials, extruder production of raw materials we generally use isometric index ≥96%, tensile yield strength ≥30MPa flat filament PP resin. At the same time, the melt flow rate (MFR) of the resin is required to be within the range of 1.5——6g/10min, and there are no impurities and crystal points in the resin. During production, 150 mesh filters are used to filter and then granulate.

2. Extruder equipment selection, the production of PP flat filament is the use of a single screw extruder, general extruder screw specifications φ65mm and φ90mm. The plastic extruder screw length-diameter ratio is greater than or equal to 25, The front end of the screw is provided with a barrier structure that can improve the plasticizing capacity of raw material mixing. At the same time, the melt needs to use an 80 mesh filter before entering the mold to remove impurities in the raw material.

The molding die structure and blow molding PP film and extrusion molding flat film die structure is the same, equipment auxiliary machine is mainly a film cooling calibration device, hauling off roller group, cutting, heat treatment, and winder device.

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