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The extrusion molding process sequence of plastic extruder production line

Release time:2022-11-18 10:00

Linear low-density polyethylene flame retardant pipe is one of many polyethylene pipes, Now plastic products manufacturing industry mainly use extruder production line for extrusion molding production, this kind of pipe and conventional low-density polyethylene pipe comparison, is a kind of high tensile strength, high toughness (about 50% higher)and has better environmental stress cracking resistance, low-temperature resistance, and the price is relatively cheap plastic pipe.

The extrusion molding process sequence of the plastic extruder production line is as follows:

First of all, we need to measure and premix LLDPE resin and some additives (flame retardants, etc.) according to the process formula; After that, all kinds of raw materials and additives are measured and added into the high-speed mixer (temperature control at 90℃); Finally, the material is added to the extruder for granulation production, and then the extruder is used again for extruding pipe forming work.

When the raw material is premixed, in order to improve the mixing quality and flame retardant performance of flame retardant and resin, some coupling agent and dispersant are added to the flame retardant, and the addition amount is about 1.5% of the flame retardant.

The extruder used in the production line is used for granulation production equipment. We suggest that the extruder with gradient screw with equal distance depth is used, and the working temperature is controlled within the range of 150——180℃. We recommend the use of a single screw universal extruder, the screw is equal distance and unequal depth gradient type, length diameter ratio 20:1, and compression ratio 2.5. The mold structure is the same as that of the PP universal pipe.

The recommended reference data for forming process temperature are extruder barrel feeding section 110——130℃, plasticizing section 140——160℃, homogenizing section 160——180℃, forming mold 160——170℃.

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