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The experiences during the HDPE gas pipe production process

Release time:2022-12-28 10:44

The gas pipe often used in modern society is generally used polyethylene gas pipe, this kind of pipe is generally high-density polyethylene gas pipe, mainly used to transport gas, liquefied gas, and natural gas plastic pipe. This kind of plastic pipe has better low-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and good electrical insulation performance. Qingdao Trusty plastic machinery co., Ltd. has many years of extruder and related auxiliary equipment production experience in the enterprise, the author prepared for you some key points of process operation information.

1. If the spray cooling water tank is used in the extruder production line, the cooling water tank is generally not less than 6m, even if it is larger than φ100mm of the pipe blank, the length of the cooling water tank should not be less than 15m.

2. If we adopt the internal pressure method to calibrate the pipe blank, our field operators need to control the pressure value of compressed air within the range of 0.2—— 0.7mpa.

3. Sometimes when we use a plastic extruder to produce PE pipe, we will add certain carbon black materials. In order to ensure the final quality of the pipe, if conditions allow, it is necessary to dry the carbon black first, otherwise, there will be bubbles or poor surface gloss and other quality problems in pipe products.

4. The barrel used by the extruder needs to open a longitudinal groove on the inner surface of the feeding section. Such a barrel structure can be very conducive to the addition and transportation of resin raw materials.

5. We suggest that a vacuum calibration cooling sleeve be used for cooling, which is better. At the same time, in order to improve the feeding effect of the extruder, it is recommended to install the device with similar functions such as a forced feeding hopper if conditions permit.

The above is some of the author prepared about some process operation of polyethylene gas pipe, if you have more needs, you are welcome to visit the factory or call for details, and we will provide you with professional technical guidance and equipment procurement suggestions.