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The roles of Circulating cooling water plays in pipe production

Release time:2022-12-09 09:49

There are many auxiliary machines for plastic extruders to extrude pipes, among which the cooling water tank is the most important auxiliary machine. The auxiliary machine we use in the extruder production line is a plastic auxiliary machine that is often used for extruding plastic pipes. We generally use a steel plate welding combination to make a water tank, and a steel pipe connection to supply water and drain water. The cooling water tank can move back and forth along the center line of pipe operation.

The cooling water tank equipment installed after the extruder extrusion equipment is after the calibration sleeve. It is mainly to immerse the forming pipe extruded from the calibration sleeve into the water, and further cool down the pipe and calibration. For the cooling of the pipe produced by the extruder with a large diameter (generally refers to more than φ100mm), if the pipe is immersed in water with large buoyancy, the cooling of the pipe is not uniform and easy to bend. Therefore, spray cooling water should be sprayed on the circumference of the pipe at the same time, so that the pipe can be evenly cooled.

Qingdao Trusty Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the production of plastic extruders and related auxiliary equipment. We suggest that some points need to be paid attention to when using this equipment, as follows:

1. Circulating cooling water in the water tank should enter from the outlet end of the pipe and discharge from the inlet end of the pipe, so as to reduce the temperature of the pipe billet from high temperature to low temperature gradually, so as to prevent the sudden temperature drop of the pipe to produce greater stress on the product and affect the quality of the pipe.

2. Field workers must pay attention to adjusting the inlet and outlet control center line on the sink and the mold center line on the same horizontal center line, which can effectively prevent the tube from bending.

3. When we stop production, in order to ensure the service life of the cooling water tank equipment, we need to drain the cooling water in the tank.

The above is the author prepared for you about the cooling water tank used in the extruder production line for the production of plastic pipe, hope to provide you with certain help, you are welcome to inquire, will provide you with professional technical guidance and equipment procurement suggestions.