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Production process and requirement of the PVC hose production

Release time:2022-12-02 16:16

PVC hoses produced by extruder are mainly gases used in industrial equipment and transport machinery or liquid conveying pipeline is widely used, The special nature of this material, So PVC hose production equipment is required to have certain requirements. Qingdao Trusty Plastic Machinery Co., LTD., as an enterprise with extruders and related auxiliary equipment for many years, the author has prepared some information for you, as follows:

1. Raw material mixing equipment

When preparing raw materials for plastic extruders, we need to mix materials in advance. Horizontal kneader was used in most cases before, but now, with the improvement of technology, in order to obtain better working efficiency, many enterprises have begun to adopt high-speed mixer equipment for mixing in large quantities.

2. Extruder equipment selection

The choice of extruder equipment is generally the use of a single screw extruder for production, the need to choose two extruder equipment. One extruder is used to extrude the pipe layer and the other one is used to extrude the outer layer of the pipe. At the same time, the screw used by the extruder adopts different depth gradient types, the length-diameter ratio is 18——25, and the compression ratio is 2.5——3.5. Finally, the specifications of the extruder need to be determined according to the diameter of the extrusion tube.

3. Fiber winding machine equipment selection

This kind of fiber winding machine is decided by the specification of the production pipe. The number of spindles of the reel needs to be selected according to the diameter of the pipe. When the diameter of the pipe is not large, 16 yarns can be used, the number of spindles of the two coils is equal, the Angle between the lines of the winding grid can be 60° or 90°, and the working speed is about 2m/min. Generally, the same DC motor is used to drive, and the speed is adjustable.

4. Heating system on the extruder production line

Generally, we use two kinds of heating systems: resistance heating and hot air circulation heating. The role of the heating system is to make the inner pipe wrapped on the surface of the chemical fiber heat shrinkage, close to the outer surface of the pipe; In addition, the surface of the plastic inner pipe is melted by heat, which is conducive to the cladding of the outer layer of the pipe and the outer surface of the pipe, and firmly combined into one.

The above is the author for you to prepare some information, I hope to provide you with some help, you are welcome to inquire or to visit the factory, and we will provide you with professional equipment procurement advice and technical guidance.